You Can’t Lead Someone To a Place That You’ve Never Been?

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The popular phrase that many well-meaning people attribute to great leadership advice is: You can’t lead someone to a place that you’ve never been.

But, as I sit here thinking about those words, I come across a conflicting thought.

What about pioneers that blaze new trails in medicine, the arts, music, etc…?

What about the experimental trials that fail multiple times before the one that finally succeeds?

What about the first brave soul to climb up Mount Everest?

What about the leaders by default? Don’t they count?

So,I guess, my question today is: Who says that you can’t lead someone to a place that you’ve never been?

There has to be a person willing to carve the dirt road before someone comes and lays down the asphalt, right?

Pioneers are what make America great. Home of the brave. Land of the free. A few good men (and women) have to lead the fight into unknown territory.

So, I guess I’m giving you permission to dream that dream of yours that noone else understands. Go do what it is you are gifted to do, even if it has never been done before.

Yes, mentors are great and necessary. But, many mentors were the first in their chosen field. Who led them?


I say that God is the best mentor of all and if He says that I don’t need any prior knowledge or experience to do what He has called me to do then I think I’m okay.

Being an original is always better than a copy isn’t it? So, the next time someone feeds you the line that you can’t do that because you’ve never done it before, I dare you to really think about their accusation.

And then counter with, “Who says?”

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2 thoughts on “You Can’t Lead Someone To a Place That You’ve Never Been?

  1. I’ve never heard that phrase but agree totally with leaders going where no one’s gone before. Isn’t that was makes a “fearless leader”? Thanks for sharing!


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