…”anyone who holds on to life just as it is destroys that life. But if you let it go, reckless in your love, you’ll have it forever, real and eternal.” -John 12:25 (msg)

Wait, did you read that verse the way that I did?

In order to really live, I have to let go of my life?

Kinda seems reckless to me….



The term “reckless” has such a negative connotation with it that many steer clear from using it on a regular basis. The dictionary defines it as “showing lack of caution”.

We’ve all heard of reckless teenagers making poor driving choices and reckless parents letting their children do whatever they want to do.

But, what if we use the word in a positive way? I think that’s what Jesus was doing here.

He had just finished telling the Greek people the parable of the kernel of wheat falling to the ground to die. He said that it is only in dying that this kernel can produce a harvest. Sounds backwards, right?

Reckless. Backwards.

These are the words that many people would use to describe Jesus. Kinda different than the Sunday School version of Jesus.

But, I have to wonder, if we were to live our lives with those same words defining us, how would the world receive us? How would our day to day routine look if we were caution-less in our approach to love?

Well, first of all, we wouldn’t look like everyone else, that’s for sure.

We would be different in our belief that love is the ruling force behind our words and actions. We would be uncompromising in following God’s word when this world says the Bible is outdated and irrelevant.We would love the unlovely and forgive the unforgivable and selflessly give what was never ours in the first place.

Some might call that weird but Jesus calls that love. And reckless love feels weird to those who are only used to love with limits.

This is where the letting go happens. When we choose to do what Jesus modeled for us and not what we feel like doing.

Letting go reveals where we place our trust. Letting go confirms to those watching us that God is God and we are not. Nor do we want to be.

That’s pretty reckless in my opinion. But it sure does take the pressure off, doesn’t it?

Reckless love looks like a Savior dying an excruciating death on a man-made cross for a people who didn’t even understand who He really was. For a people who didn’t even love Him back. For you and me.

Backwards. Reckless. Throwing caution to the wind. That’s the kind of life I want.

NaBloPoMo November 2015