The Sisterhood!

Sisterhood is worth the fight. .

Hey my beautiful friends! I am over on Flourish today with a post that is super important to me. I feel like God has given me a voice to encourage and motivate women towards unity. With all the ways that the entertainment community, big wig politicians, social media, and our male dominated society has undermined our value, I want to highlight our inherent worth in as many posts as possible. This is what I wrote about on Flourish: Unity, Friendship, and Strength in Numbers. 

“The days we are living in are brutal. Our minds, bodies, and souls are literally taking blows from a variety of sources on a regular basis. Can we choose to look beyond a woman’s mistakes or opinions long enough to realize that God never called her to figure this life thing out on her own? In fact, none of us were called to be alone. It’s time for the collective voice of women to rise up over the nagging insecurities and questionable choices that plague each of us behind closed doors.”

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Hey Mom!

Our aim is simple-look to heaven for help on earth.

Today, I was invited to guest post over at one of my fave places, FLOURISH! I wrote a short Mother’s Day piece for all you weary mamas out there. I would be honored if you checked it out. I took the well known verse of Proverbs 31:28 and broke it down a bit. Here’s a snippet:

“To rise up means to live boldly for Christ by standing our ground when everything around us is trying to knock us down. Picture an eagle soaring above the storms. She is not affected by the lightning and thunder around her but rather, she is bravely allowing the severe weather to propel her further into her destiny.”

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Soul Care

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I was featured on the amazing Flourish blog again today! This time I was excited to write about health as it refers to our soul (mind, will, and emotions).

Here’s a sneak peek:

How do you take care of yourself? Are there some fundamental things that you do on a regular basis to tend to your soul needs?  I have found that there are three areas of life that, when neglected, can be the source of a dry and weary soul. On the other hand, much can be accomplished in our lives and in the lives of others if these three categories are given mindful attention:

  • Rest
  • Relate
  • Run

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A Heart Like Mary

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Today, I was blessed with the opportunity to be a contributor on the wonderful blog, FLOURISH! I was asked to write something relating to Christmas and the holiday season so I chose to write about one of my favorite women in the Bible, Mary.

Here’s a tidbit:

Mary’s whole perspective on the news that she would be carrying the Christ-child was seen through the eyes of gratitude.  Instead of viewing nine months of pregnancy as an inconvenience, she saw it as an opportunity.  There was a chance that she could have been shunned by society by her unmarried status but instead, she chose joy.  In fact, Mary is so aware of her lowly state that she recognizes the importance of God noticing her by declaring that she is blessed.

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A Different Kind of Gratitude

I have the privilege of writing for the amazing blog, FLOURISH, today! Come on over and check it out.

It’s all about being a child again…

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Here’s a snippet:

I love this time of year. The vibrant colors of Fall and the crisp, cool temperatures invite me to take a walk down memory lane. The smoky scent of burning leaves always puts me in a nostalgic mood. I feel like a five year old again.

There is just something about the holidays that awakens the childlike heart within me.
There is so much excitement to be had, so much giddiness to take part in; and so much happiness to be found.


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