Brick by brick, I stack them on top of one another.

One at a time, carefully putting them close together.

More layers, going up oh so high,

I won’t stop until the wall reaches the sky!

Wait! One block of red clay doesn’t want to stay.

It tips to one side, it wants to go its own way.

“But why?” I ask the rebellious one.

“Don’t you want to build a wall up to the sun?”

“Won’t you have a story to tell

If you listen to me and follow my orders well?”

“If you choose to join the wanderers below,

You will miss the fame of being on top, ya know?”

But the little brick looked at me with zeal in his eyes,

“I’m not here to work until the day I die.”

“I have a dream of being known for something more.

No wall to heaven can bring me what I’m looking for.”

And with that he jumped down from his place in the wall,

Giving another young brick the chance to stand tall.

But the rebel one just laughed as he went on his way,

For he knew that life is not about working for glory and fame.

It is about building walls that stand for more than height,

Walls that surround those you love with all of your might.

A wall that is far less concerned with being seen

And more focused on taking care of his responsibilities.

A wall that doesn’t look at missing pieces with regret

But smiles in remembrance of too many memories to forget.

For no flashy renown can bring him lasting joy or peace

Only by living for the moment can one leave a timeless legacy.


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photo credit: Brick trick via photopin (license)