A Surrendered Heart

I lay me down

upon the table

not knowing what’s to come


All my hopes

and dreams combined

are fighting for a single crumb



Inside of me

they push and pull

’til answers are revealed


But secretly

they know the truth:

tomorrow’s fate is sealed


Not in the hunger

Nor in the thirst

But only when I surrender


To the maker

of this starving heart

So bent on becoming fatter


He wants my hopes

He wants my dreams

to reflect the One above


I won’t be free

from longing for more

until I feast on His goodness and love


So I bow my head

but I lift my hands

in an effort that brings me rest


And I recognize

with teary eyes

that His ways are always best.


Photo Credit: Jamie Street



Brick by brick, I stack them on top of one another.

One at a time, carefully putting them close together.

More layers, going up oh so high,

I won’t stop until the wall reaches the sky!

Wait! One block of red clay doesn’t want to stay.

It tips to one side, it wants to go its own way.

“But why?” I ask the rebellious one.

“Don’t you want to build a wall up to the sun?”

“Won’t you have a story to tell

If you listen to me and follow my orders well?”

“If you choose to join the wanderers below,

You will miss the fame of being on top, ya know?”

But the little brick looked at me with zeal in his eyes,

“I’m not here to work until the day I die.”

“I have a dream of being known for something more.

No wall to heaven can bring me what I’m looking for.”

And with that he jumped down from his place in the wall,

Giving another young brick the chance to stand tall.

But the rebel one just laughed as he went on his way,

For he knew that life is not about working for glory and fame.

It is about building walls that stand for more than height,

Walls that surround those you love with all of your might.

A wall that is far less concerned with being seen

And more focused on taking care of his responsibilities.

A wall that doesn’t look at missing pieces with regret

But smiles in remembrance of too many memories to forget.

For no flashy renown can bring him lasting joy or peace

Only by living for the moment can one leave a timeless legacy.


Write Tribe


photo credit: Brick trick via photopin (license)

The Roller Coaster of Change


We are on the brink of a big change. New home, new friends, new church, new city.

It’s exciting and scary. A big roller coaster of twists and turns, ups and downs. This is the part of military life that is really hard.

The people we meet along the way stay with us even after we’re gone but we still have to say goodbye.

The places we come to love become “remember when?” memories that we may never get to visit again.

The move from a familiar city to an unknown city is full of unexpected joy and apprehension as we discover and find our way.

We close our eyes when we climb the 200 ft. drop because we know the plunge into unexplored territory is coming fast. We feel the nervous anxiety of the impending descent but can’t stop it.

This is the truth of transition. 

We love the freeing feeling of the wind blowing through our hair at 90 mph as we soar swiftly on the rails. But we aren’t there yet. No. First, we have to climb up high just to dive back down. We have to open our mouths and let out a scream to tell ourselves that we can do this. There’s no quiet passengers on this ride. The fear dissolves through our screams. 

Laughter follows as the thrill almost makes us crawl out of our skin. There’s so much fun to be found on this adventure.

We are weightless under the force of change as it propels us into an upside down loop. We try to hold on for dear life but we just can’t. So we lift up our hands and let the rush take us where it will.

And when we open our eyes, we realize that it is over just as quickly as it began. We made it to our destination in one piece. Our legs are wobbly and our tummies are a bit shaken up. But we made it.

It was a wild ride! We were tossed around a bit but we knew the ride would inevitably end. We unbuckle our seatbelts, grab eachother’s hands, and walk over to the street vendor for some cotton candy to celebrate.

Until next time…


photo credit: Goodbye Gwazi via photopin (license)

Unforgettable Song











I’m entangled in your sweet refrains

Timeless rhythms keep me entertained

Moments of whimsy catch me by surprise

As sonnets sing softly over my dark nights


I’m consumed by your harmonic tunes

Wrapped up in your enchanting moods

Brilliant compositions soothe my weary soul

Classic notes play my senses like a lovesick fool


I’ve loved you madly since I was a child

Yet I’ve hated your guts all the while

The times I’ve melted in your melodic embrace

Equal the dissonance I’ve felt in light of memory’s face


For your friendship is a hauntingly beautiful song

With lyrics ever-changing as the days roll on

And while I long to forget yesterday’s resonating chant

I can’t…


photo credit: via photopin (license)

Shine a Light On Slavery #endit


Love, be our eyes

Guide our feet away from lies

Lead us to the broken

Shine Your piercing light


Love, be our voice

Declare peace over the noise

Shout down the evil taunts

Sing words of eternal joy


Love, be our hands

Show your grace to this land

Use the lowest and the least

Involve us in Your plans


Love, be our light

Shine your hope in the night

Forgive our lust for the dark

Beam through our hearts so bright.



Trust the Wind



Gale-force gusts on my face.

I push through the pounding air.

Tempest blasts at my back.

I struggle with the next step.

A typhoon of contradiction all around me.

But this is how I get anywhere. 


Energize me, breezy Friend.

Blow away the dust in my tired eyes.

Carry me over the mountain in my way.

Your airy kindness lifts me up

and puts me right where I belong.


So I will trust the Wind. 






For the Teen Mom

photo credit: <a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/38991082@N05/3596275884">pregnant silhouette</a> via <a href="http://photopin.com">photopin</a> <a href="https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/2.0/">(license)</a>


The wind whistles as I wake

to the light of the morning sun.

The rays shine through my window

And I reflect on who I’ve become.


In all my years of womanhood

I’ve never felt so scared

I don’t know quite what to do

with my current state of affairs.


To say I’m lost for words

is to speak the pregnant truth.

I couldn’t have seen this coming

even if I had read it in the news.


My body argues the facts

whether I want to believe them or not.

I guess I’ll have to get used to this.

I guess I’m officially caught.


The birds chirp away a song

that soothes my tired soul.

And I lay there beneath the covers

trying hard to forget it all.


I sigh and get up out of bed.

My head is foggy from little rest.

The darkness of my past mistakes

is trying to swallow me up yet.


Another day is beckoning

But I can’t seem to let anyone in.

What if they knew my secret shame?

What if they can’t see past my condition?


My hands start to shake

as I reach for the phone.

If I don’t dial it now

then I’ll be doing this alone.


A kind voice gently answers

with a simple “Hello?”

And my words fumble out

In a mesh of unintelligible groans.


“I’ll be right over” she says

as the phone drops to the floor.

And I lay there crying until

I hear a knock on the door.


“Come in” I feebly call

from my crumpled position.

She sees me in my weakness

and hugs me in contrition.


There’s no more hiding for me

as she sees my size.

I can’t ignore her glances down,

her questioning eyes.


Before I can utter a defense

for the situation I’m in,

she calmly smiles and says to me,

“I’m so glad that you’re my friend.”


We sit there in that moment

letting the silence speak the truth

and for the first time in my little life

I was surprised at what I knew:


The days behind me offer a glimpse

Into a life of wandering

But the days I’ve yet to see

Offer me the chance to be set free.


I may have made a mistake

I may have gone the wrong way

but the pure love of another

Has awakened me to change.  


If fear and condemnation

could make me lay it down

I would’ve left my sin long ago

I wouldn’t have been the talk of the town.


But here in this place

where honesty and grace collide

I can see that I’ve been given a gift

I can love the new life growing deep inside.


Me, Honestly

photo credit: Rouge gorge de forêt via photopin (license)









Flesh and bone, that’s me,  

Born to grow steady and true, alive to make the most of this life, 

Torn, yet not broken, like the furrowed bark on a great oak tree. 


Heart and soul, that’s me, 

Open with my feelings, forward with my thinking,

Brave and vulnerable, as a fragile seed sprouting up from debris. 


Fire and Ice, that’s me, 

Aflame for a hot minute, then frozen in time forever, 

Passionate and memorable, like the fiery orange of an autumn leaf. 


Wild and free, that’s me, 

Flying high above the rules, away from what society deems valuable, 

Beautiful and uninhibited, as a nestling lark sings a daybreak melody.