Bare Feet and All…


I don’t like to wear shoes. Unless they’re a $10 pair of hot pink flip flops. And even then, I slip them off the first chance I get cause I tend to get a blister next to my big toe.

I’ve always been this way. And my kids are exactly the same. I can’t keep a pair of shoes on those children. It’s seriously frustrating. (Like when it’s 30 degrees outside!) But I only get a tad irritated with their lack of care about keeping their feet covered. Because once you have felt the freedom that comes with naked feet, you just can’t wrap your head around stuffing them into shoes ever again.

What about fitting into a pair of strappy sandals that are a teensy bit snug for the sake of the fancy dress? We’ve all done it and regretted it later. It’s like walking on pillows when we take those too snug suckers off our devalued feet.

Just being able to wiggle my toes as little or as much as I want is enough to keep me shoeless most of the time.


Today I was thinking about my cold toes bundled up under the blanket and how I’d much rather have them freeze from nakedness then put on socks and confine them to a limited space of warmth.Yeah, it’s crazy. But it’s the truth. My feet can’t stand being contained. Have you ever thought about it?

What if this whole “footloose and fancy-free” thing is really a deep inner truth that God planted within each of us? What if we were made to really feel the earth beneath us and the many types of terrains this includes. Hot asphalt. Grainy sand. Rocky gravel. Lush grass. Wet puddles. Slippery Ice. Cold Concrete. Pillowy carpet.

What if we were meant to live unhindered? Limitless?


I can’t rationalize wearing shoes when my feet long to feel every new place with complete abandon. Without fear of what lies on the path ahead of me. With trust that my unshod footing is secure even if splintered and sore.

And though my uncovered arches might ache from the erratic trail, they won’t be bound by any man, any trappings, or any weight of this world. I’ll bravely walk on broken glass if that’s what it takes to demonstrate a life of true freedom. Woundedness equals resiliency. It doesn’t take away liberty.

Freedom isn’t dependent on the unpredictable laws of nature or the self serving laws of man. It’s only dependent on the singular law of unobstructed love. And my willingness to trust the loving heart of the barefoot One who died to set me free.


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The “Busy-ness” Trap


It’s okay to say yes ALOT. It really is. Being busy is only bad when it’s not fulfilling or purposeful. When there is no greater purpose to the “busy-ness” it becomes draining and tedious. Doesn’t it?

But when we are busy because of a goal, vision, or shared interest, then it becomes life-giving.

Take my week. This is what is has looked like for the past 5 days:  Morning runs, home-schooling with the kids, online college classes, a lunch meeting with other women about leadership, an all day workshop with other worship leaders, dinner with girlfriends, blogging, practicing the piano, snuggle time on the couch with my husband, and a trip to the grocery store.

None of the above things are a waste of my time. They are all important.

Have I had a very exhausting week? Yes. Do I feel enriched, fulfilled, motivated and inspired despite the exhaustion? A resounding yes!

Why? Because I said yes to the important things. So, let’s keep the whole “being busy is a bad thing” in perspective, shall we?

The trick to this mindset is simple. Prioritize the exhausting stuff alongside the energizing stuff in order to maintain a sense of balance in your life. And make sure there is a reason behind what you’re doing. Doing something for someone else is fine and dandy as long as it doesn’t take the place of you taking care of you. (Obviously I don’t mean quit your job because you’d rather be at home binge-watching Netflix!)

Balance is really not as elusive as everyone makes it out to be. I promise anyone can find a personal rhythm that drives them to say the right yeses and no’s.

And when you do, your spirit, soul, and body will thank you for it!




15 Life Lessons from 2015

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  1. It’s okay to say no to the things that are only going to take from you.
  2. Living for someone else’s approval is never satisfying.
  3. I can only control me. You can only control you.
  4. Sticking to your word even when it’s hard builds trust with others.
  5. The more you pray, the less discouraged you get when life is crazy.
  6. People will let you down but God never will.
  7. Being busy with a purpose is ok. Being busy just for the sake of filling up your day planner is not ok.
  8. Eating dinner together at the table every night really does bring your family together.
  9. Grace means giving others second chances (and third, and fourth, etc…)
  10. Seeking justice doesn’t mean getting revenge.
  11. Doing what feeds your soul makes you happier and healthier.
  12. Fellowship with others brings encouragement and stability to your life.
  13. It’s all about perspective.
  14. Taking a risk enlarges your capacity to learn more and love better.
  15. Obeying the voice of the Lord always brings blessings to your life.