Three Ways Frozen’s Elsa Taught My Daughter to be a Strong Woman


Hi followers and friends. It’s December 1! Can you even believe it? I am still in shock over how fast this year has passed. Anyways…I have a fun post up on Red Tricycle about Disney princesses and how they influence our kids personalities. Would love some views, comments, and shares! This was a neat article to write and I really got to explore a more childlike side of myself while writing about my preschooler’s take on femininity based on Elsa’s character in Frozen. Hop on over and check it out. I promise that you’ll be super entertained!

As always, thanks for your faithfulness to read my words. I don’t take your loyalty for granted. I appreciate you!

Here’s a bit from the article:

“As you very well know, strong women are in dire need these days. The Elsas of the world need to rise up to their full potential and fearlessly behold their strength in the face of ice-cold circumstances. Take this challenge from my spunky three-nager and repeat these words out loud until you believe it: “I know I can!” Then sing your way into victory! (You know you want to.)”

What’s your fave Disney princess? Do you see some of her characteristics in yourself? Leave me a comment (after you have read the piece) and let me know for some good ol’ fashioned fun. 🙂 Happy Thursday!

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Judge Suggests Rape Victim Should Have “Just Kept Her Knees Together”


Enough is enough. I’m done reading about sexist judges and intoxicated men that can’t keep their body parts to themselves. This is what ran across my news-feed today:


I gasped in disgust at the comments of pure evil shoveled on top of this rape victim. So, I wrote about it. And I hope that this enrages you to write about it too. Or speak. Even better- PRAY. So, please check out my words over at Her View From Home when you get a chance and let me know what you think about this sad and very unjust story.

The 5 People You NEED in Your Life


I don’t know about you but as I’ve gotten older (rounding 40 in a few), I have come to realize that my life is much better with certain people in it. Of course, we can all relate to the opposite of this fact as well : Life is much better without certain people in it, too. 🙂

Here’s a list of the five types of people you need in your life right now. This very minute.

1. The Encourager 

This radiant girl is joyful and thoughtful. She doesn’t give in to negativity when the storms of life come her way. She doesn’t let you give in to negativity either. She blesses your life because of the thought she puts into what she says. She lives a life of purpose that is intentionally focused on lifting others up. It’s not fake happiness that she exhibits but rather true joy because of her glass half-full mentality.


This gal knows how tough life can be. She’s been through the fire and the rain. She doesn’t sugar coat shi* but lets you know exactly what she thinks. She knows the value of authenticity and vulnerability causing her to be open about her struggles. This is not to bring you down but to help you from making her mistakes. She brings out the raw side of you and it makes you feel free. Her influence on you always prompts you to be your best self.

3. The Warrior 

I love this woman. She is strength and grace personified in a beauty so inspiring that the right words to describe her are hard to find. She fights her battles with wisdom and defends others that are losing theirs. No challenge is too great for her to war against because no matter what she has HOPE. Her passion for justice fuels your inner truth seeker. You can’t be around her and not want to take up a cause or help the hurting.

4. The Mentor  

This is usually someone who’s a bit older than you are and has seen more than you have. She is a walking testimony of God’s faithfulness and speaks of it often. She is also well-read and loves to share her knowledge with others in hopes of helping them navigate life well. She has a desire to nurture, teach and walk beside those that need a boost or just some accountability. Her choices represent strong leadership skills and you know you can go to her for advice on pretty much anything.

5. The Dreamer

This lovely lady has her head in the clouds for all the right reasons. She not only dreams BIG but she writes them down and puts her hand to the plow. Her determination to go all in causes you to  take a good hard look at your own dreaming ability. She does the things that most see as impossible and regards setbacks as set ups to greater opportunities. There’s no being around the dreamer without being motivated to set some serious goals. She believes in miracles and because of her, you do too.

So, I say, do an assessment of the women in your inner circle. Are they all benefiting your life in some way? Even more important to ask of yourself: Are you benefiting their life? How can you display qualities of the Encourager, the Real Deal, the Warrior, the Mentor and the Dreamer to those in your world? Who represents these descriptions to you? Sometimes, if you’re lucky like me, you can find one amazing sister that actually displays all of these attributes well. When you do, never let her go. ❤

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To All My Single Ladies!

Five Confidence Boosting Affirmations for Single Gals

Do you know how important you are? Have you given yourself credit for being amazing lately? If you need a reminder of how downright gorgeous you are, then these five personal declarations will help you out.

  1. “I am not confined to the labels that someone else has assigned to me.”

You can be who you want to be. Just because you have pink hair doesn’t mean you fit the punk rock mold that your co-worker is desperately trying to attach to you. Sure, you can pull off that funky hairdo but, by all means, belt out some Coldplay if that’s what sets your heart free. There’s no shame in your alternative rock game. (And “Yellow” is seriously timeless.)

  1.  “I have plenty to offer in relationships and at my workplace.”

You don’t need to second-guess your quirky ability to memorize random trivia facts or recite the U.S. Presidents in alphabetical order. The right person will not only appreciate those quirks but will also love those little characteristics that set you apart from the rest. Those who don’t appreciate them are just insecure about their lack of memorization skills!

  1. “My beauty comes from my inherent value and not from my relationship status.”

Nobody else can convince you of the beauty inside of you. You have to see it for yourself. Do you think that Monet painted his masterpieces without first seeing the allure of the finished work in his mind? See yourself as a masterpiece. Of course you’re a work in progress. We all are. Just make sure your inner grace is equally as important as your outer style. You don’t want to be with a guy who only compliments you on your hotness anyways, right? There’s SO much more to you.

  1. “I am not what I do.”

Does your job run your life? Well, in case you didn’t know this already, you are worth more than your income. Your paycheck does not equal your awesomeness. You are a whole person and that job of yours is just one part of what makes you brilliant. Remember that song you belted out last Friday night at Karaoke? The crowd cheered at your Adele-esque pipes! Just because you’re not getting paid for your talent doesn’t mean you don’t have any. Keep putting yourself out there!

  1. “I don’t want to be anyone else but me.”

Sure, your roommate may have the perfect body and hair but deep down she is miserable in her 9 to 5. Maybe you aren’t as fit as she is but comparing yourself to her is only going to leave you green with envy. Plus, she’s stressed to the max about paying the bills next month because she’s about to quit her job. You just focus on being the best you (and of course offering your roomie some moral support!) All that jealousy is bad for your health and it doesn’t change the number on the scale either!

So, grab your lipstick, ladies! It’s time to face the day with confidence. Go ahead and smile back at your beautiful face in the mirror. You owe it to yourself to boldly take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way today. Your new mantra: Hello world, bring it on!

The Sisterhood!

Sisterhood is worth the fight. .

Hey my beautiful friends! I am over on Flourish today with a post that is super important to me. I feel like God has given me a voice to encourage and motivate women towards unity. With all the ways that the entertainment community, big wig politicians, social media, and our male dominated society has undermined our value, I want to highlight our inherent worth in as many posts as possible. This is what I wrote about on Flourish: Unity, Friendship, and Strength in Numbers. 

“The days we are living in are brutal. Our minds, bodies, and souls are literally taking blows from a variety of sources on a regular basis. Can we choose to look beyond a woman’s mistakes or opinions long enough to realize that God never called her to figure this life thing out on her own? In fact, none of us were called to be alone. It’s time for the collective voice of women to rise up over the nagging insecurities and questionable choices that plague each of us behind closed doors.”

Read more here! Comments are always welcome as long as they are supportive and friendly. Thanks! ❤ 

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A Battle Cry for Women Everywhere


Now is the time to let the wildfire kept within our hearts grow out of control and freely kindle the collective female voice into a battle cry.Women,

Let the anger stir you until it bubbles red hot to the surface.

Give righteous indignation a voice when justice for your sisters isn’t served.

Be mad with a holy rage that crosses blurred lines defined by an era of ignorance.  

We are not made to be used. We are not here for his pleasure. We are not a tall glass of water.

Let the indecency of our “I want it so I will have it” culture provoke you to stand up.

Grant fury the right to flame high above complacency for the cause of womanhood.

Today is the day when the thundering cries of victims turn to resounding chants of victory.

We are meant for more than what we we’ve been told we can have.  

A good girl does NOT keep quiet when her mother is abused.

A good girl does NOT sit still when her daughter is violated.

A good girl does NOT use her manners when her girlfriend is corrupted.

Forget all the man-made rules. Throw them into the fire to be burned alongside issues of Playboy.  Douse them in gasoline and watch every last one of them crinkle, melt, and disintegrate under the white heat.

United, we can trample on the ashes of yesterday’s suffocating restraints.

Together, we can blow on the embers of today’s liberating release.

There is no looking back. There is no going back. There is no turning back.

We must violently blaze ahead gathering the wounded off of the charred ground and into our uninhibited arms, taking notice of the memorials hidden by the overgrowth, flinging propane on the crowds of weeds trying to block our path.

We are fire-starters, flame-throwers, torch-bearers for the ones who have gone before us and the ones who will follow after us.

Now is the time to let the wildfire kept within our hearts grow out of control and freely kindle the collective female voice into a battle cry.

For You.

For Me.

For Her.

What Once Was…

I just discovered that my fave female singer, Sara Bareilles, has a new song out and I’m ecstatic! She not only has amazing pipes but she sings with such emotion and her lyrics are mesmerizingly good.

Which means I had to share this video. The song talks about a woman who is mourning the loss of her younger self because of the toll life has taken on her.

Can anyone relate? I know I can.

So here’s to the younger version of myself- I raise a glass to your innocence, your radiance, your resilience. And here’s to the woman I am now- cheers for sticking it out and not giving up. Life may have thrown some stones at you but you haven’t quit.

I accept who I was then and I accept who I am now.
Time may have changed me but one thing will always stay the same: I keep going. 

And that’s worth celebrating.

NaBloPoMo November 2015