One Word for 2016

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Happy New Year!

Have you decided on your word for the year? One word to focus on for personal growth and spiritual focus? Well, I have!

My word for 2016 is “Steadfast”. God revealed to me last month that I’m going to need to dig in dipper with Him because of circumstances in my life that want to knock me off course. He showed me that in order to stand firm when life throws crazy interruptions my way, I have to be confident in my foundation.

So, this year I’m going to plant myself firmly on the word of God like never before. I’m going to be immovable and loyal in my commitment to put God above everything else. I’m going to stay true to what I know, to what I’ve always known: GOD IS GOOD.

Despite the scary outlook or negative news, GOD IS GOOD. Despite the bad report or unhealthy habit, GOD IS GOOD. Despite the betrayal, the disloyalty, the hopelessness, GOD IS GOOD.

“People with their minds set on you,
you keep completely whole,
Steady on their feet,
because they keep at it and don’t quit.” 
Isaiah 26:3 (MSG)
What’s your one word for 2016? Share in the comments below!


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Personal Mission Statement

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I’ve been looking at my foundation lately to make sure it’s not faulty. We all need to assess our values and principles every once in a while to check that they line up with foundational truth. The nitty-gritty of my core beliefs is found in why I’m here and what I’m doing with my time.

So I thought I’d design a personal mission statement as I finish up 2015 and start 2016. I need to start this next year right. Don’t we all?

I’ve picked a quote that sums up my focus for 2016 and then chose 5 “to do/be” statements that follow the theme of that quote. Feel free to follow my example and do this for yourself as well. It’s a great exercise in creativity and focus! Here I go:

“Be like the cliff against which the waves continually break; but it stands firm and tames the fury of the water around it.”
― Marcus Aurelius

  1. To be immovable in my commitment to my family above everything else- even if I really, really want to do it. If it takes away from my time with them (reasonably speaking), then I will choose my husband and kids instead. 
  2. To do only the things that add to my health, my happiness, my creativity, my purpose. I will say yes to the best things and have no guilt on my conscience for saying no if it is only adding “busy-ness” to my schedule. 
  3. To actively pursue relationships and opportunities that support my desire to help others who are struggling, desperate, overlooked, and hopeless. I will go looking for the weak and the wounded and purpose to love them to Jesus by helping them out of their pit. 
  4. To be consistent in my discipline, boundaries, and lessons with my children. I will be creative and thoughtful in my correction but always stay the same so that they can trust my response and be %100 sure of the rules in our household. 
  5. To live in a way that my faith is evident to all. I will choose to pray in the good and the bad times, speak the truth even if it’s hard, and give of myself to others at inconvenient moments if necessary.