Potential or Problem?







How do you speak to those in your world when an issue arises? What do you call out of them?

One of the things I’m the most passionate about is speaking with intention to everyone around me. Especially my family. Because if I can honor them with my speech first, then honoring those in this world will come naturally.

It’s hard to speak to my son’s potential when I notice him repeating the same frustrating patterns over and over again. But that’s when I rely on the power of the Holy Spirit to season my words with salt so I can respond to him in a gracious manner.  (Colossians 4:6)

It’s crazy difficult to address my husband from the viewpoint that he has inherent worth when I only focus on the areas that he lets me down in our marriage. But that’s when I ask God to show me my hubby’s strengths so I can then speak to his amazing purpose.

I think I have the hardest time recognizing when I do this to myself. It’s so natural to resort to self-defeatism when messing up, isn’t it? But if I am really aiming to speak to other’s potential instead of their problems, then I have to include myself. Having eyes to see my flaws isn’t bad, but looking at the flaws more than I look at my flawless God can result in dishonor to not only myself, but to everyone around me.

If I can’t see my own worth through the lens of Christ’s love for me, then I’ll never be able to see it anyone else. And we are ALL made in the image of God. So we are ALL marked for greatness.

Today, this Good Friday, I challenge you (and myself) to consider the words you speak over yourself and others. Are they a good reflection of what God says about His chosen people? Are you misrepresenting the gospel by focusing more on mistakes then on the One who died for every single one of your sins?

Matthew 3:17 says, “This is My dearly loved Son, who brings Me great joy.” God not only said that about Jesus, but He says it about you and me. We are His adopted children. When we walk in this truth, then we can’t help but speak to the potential of those around us.

Let’s speak the Father’s heart today.


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photo credit: Chamber of Commerce via photopin (license)