A Time to Heal

hold on to the promise of freedom that tomorrow morning brings.

It’s spring. I can’t tell you how happy I am to see the daffodils and daisies awakening to the morning sun. Colorful lilies are frequenting the open fields and tulips are adorning the neighborhood gardens. What a wonderful display these lovely flowers put on for our enjoyment!

It’s easier for me to smile when I have glittering yellows and blues in my line of sight. My day is inevitably brighter when the warmth of the sun melts the frost from my wintry pale soul. Longer days make me jump with glee because it just means I get more time to spend outside in the healing rays. That’s what the sunshine is by the way. Healing. Oh, how I need some of that these days. My winter was harsher than years past due to a family tragedy and my heart hasn’t had the chance to really recover just yet.

Recovery. That goes right along with healing, doesn’t it? Maybe the welcoming smile of the cumulus clouds above are inviting me into a new space. A sunny place. One where I can run and play as I did when I was young. How I miss the ease of childhood, the naivety that youth brings, the fresh discovery that lingered in the air of my early years.

I want to be there again. Before life became wrought with trauma and pain. But I can’t go back. None of us can ever go back. We have to live with that truth. The funny thing about truth, though, is that in a strange and unguarded way,  it sets you free. Even when we don’t realize it, acceptance of the simple things that have always been and will always be, liberates the hurt right out of us.

Take the earth beneath our feet. It may be wet with dew or dry with cracks, but it’s still there for us to walk on. And it always will be. Those bulbs of spring that are awakening to new life after a long slumber in the dark can be counted on to make an appearance every year. Sure, a late frost might threaten their blooms but even so, they can be replanted, reborn.

Reborn. Another one of those words that brings comfort to my nostalgic heart. The pure simplicity of starting over in a world that is constantly on the edge of disaster makes me hopeful for the new.

Sing loud and strong, springtime song.

I have been in the frigid dark for way too long.

So I open my eyes and squint at the sun. I let the truth whisper through the wind that my time for renewal has arrived. And I hold on to the promise of freedom that tomorrow morning brings.

Burn, baby, Burn


The time has come to burn again.

That cold night that stole your fire? It’s over.

I know you’re still recovering from the chill of what happened.

But recovery is a great place to warm back up.

A place to remember why you’re here.

Do you remember?


You’re here “to fan into flames the spiritual gift God gave you.” ( 2 Timothy 1:6)

You’re here to live ablaze!

Do the frost bitten memories still sting?

Sure they do.

But they don’t get to freeze you solid in fear.


The only thing that’s gonna break that brick of ice around your heart is the fire of God’s love.

And He says that there is still SO much left for you to do.

You have to believe it.

Let Him breathe onto the dormant embers that lie within your soul.

He longs to ignite your passions, your dreams, and your hopes once again.

Go ahead and enter the flames.

Just burn, baby.




photo credit: flint via photopin (license)

photo credit: flint via photopin (license)

photo credit: Apple Juice Heart via photopin (license)