Radical Grace

Radical (adj.) – of or proceeding from a root, very new and different from what is traditional or ordinary


God’s grace has radically changed me.

It has given me real freedom that satisfies the deepest places in my soul.

Now, the core of my being is found in knowing Christ and what He has done for me.

The false freedom that this world promised only left me wanting more.

And that endless desire for more never gave me lasting fulfillment because as soon as I got what I wanted, I craved MORE.

This is a dangerous place to be. When you’re living for your next fix of what the world says should bring you happiness, you’re really being held captive by temporary pleasure. You’re stuck in a cycle of definite defeat. And that’s where I was when God’s grace rushed in and saved me from going in dizzying circles all over again. STUCK.

But I haven’t looked back since that day of rescue. Because nothing that I could choose to do on my own will ever be as good as what God chose to do for me.

And He chose to die a horrific death for my sake. Can I even wrap my head around this truth? Not fully. And I don’t think I will really be able to until I get to heaven one glorious day.

But that’s okay. Because I don’t have to understand it. I just have to believe it.

And then say thank You.

Now, that’s my kind of freedom.

NaBloPoMo November 2015