Sunday Rest #10

Psalm 62:1-2

“I wait quietly before God,

for my victory comes from Him.

He alone is my Rock and and my Salvation,

my fortress where I will never be shaken.”

photo credit: Worship Daddy & Daughter via photopin (license)

Sunday Rest #9

“Give praise to the Lord, proclaim his name;
    make known among the nations what he has done.
Sing to him, sing praise to him;
    tell of all his wonderful acts.
 Glory in his holy name;
    let the hearts of those who seek the Lord rejoice.
Look to the Lord and his strength;
    seek his face always.”

1 Chronicles 16:8-11

photo credit: Nothing will ever be more beautiful than the love you have brought into my life. ❤ via photopin (license)

Song Review (“Fierce” by Jesus Culture)

I have been a fan of Jesus Culture for years. They are such an anointed worship band with a huge heart to help young people enter into God’s presence. JC’s newest release, “Fierce”, is off their 2016 album entitled Let It Echo which will be released this Friday, January 15!!! (Can you sense my excitement?)

Chris Quilala is the lead singer of this song and, as always, leads the worshiper into a beautiful experience with his smooth voice and guitar skills. Kim Walker-Smith joins him on the chorus with her powerhouse pipes and rounds out the sound with her amazing vocal talent. Both worship leaders are so gifted, not only in their musical ability, but in the way they choose to fearlessly praise the Lord with abandon.

My favorite part of the song is the bridge which says,

‘You chase me down

You seek me out

How could I be lost when You have called me found?’

And that, my friends, is what worship is all about. Jesus being the focus, the center, the reason why we sing. Jesus Culture has always given credit where credit is due and their ministry has touched millions of lives. I’m forever grateful to them for being true examples of sold out Christ-followers!

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Song Review (The River by Jordan Feliz)

“The River” is the frequently played single off of Jordan Feliz’s debut album entitled, Beloved. 

I have been playing it on repeat lately. It’s just so full of truth and the catchy beat makes me want to dance. What a great way to start the year with an engaging reminder of God’s saving grace.

Jordan Feliz has a voice that is thick with quality and substance as he effortlessly glides across the notes with ease. He has a contagious element to his singing that invites the listener to not only bop their head but really feel the music in their very soul.

And that, to me, is what makes a great artist. Especially if you are representing Christ in your craft. Does it present the message of the gospel well? Does it bring the audience into an experience where they are not just entertained but moved to respond?

This song does both of those things. So put it on and get ready to bust a move. God is good and we were created to praise Him!

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