Unforgettable Song











I’m entangled in your sweet refrains

Timeless rhythms keep me entertained

Moments of whimsy catch me by surprise

As sonnets sing softly over my dark nights


I’m consumed by your harmonic tunes

Wrapped up in your enchanting moods

Brilliant compositions soothe my weary soul

Classic notes play my senses like a lovesick fool


I’ve loved you madly since I was a child

Yet I’ve hated your guts all the while

The times I’ve melted in your melodic embrace

Equal the dissonance I’ve felt in light of memory’s face


For your friendship is a hauntingly beautiful song

With lyrics ever-changing as the days roll on

And while I long to forget yesterday’s resonating chant

I can’t…


photo credit: via photopin (license)

Shine a Light On Slavery #endit


Love, be our eyes

Guide our feet away from lies

Lead us to the broken

Shine Your piercing light


Love, be our voice

Declare peace over the noise

Shout down the evil taunts

Sing words of eternal joy


Love, be our hands

Show your grace to this land

Use the lowest and the least

Involve us in Your plans


Love, be our light

Shine your hope in the night

Forgive our lust for the dark

Beam through our hearts so bright.



To Be


To be really known in the midst of the darkness

and the deep desires that cling to me

when I just want them to let me go


To be fully seen in the chaos

of my spinning mind and out of body madness

that invariably takes me for a ride


To be unquestionably loved from the inside out

despite my wandering and meandering

and incessant falling down


To be undeniably free from the kiss

of shame that tastes good at first

but then always leaves me with echoing regret


How I love to look back

and remember where I used to be

before my spirit, soul, and body found truth


In the only One who’s constantly

known me and seen me

loved me and freed me


The only One who has always been and always will be 

NaBloPoMo November 2015

A Warrior’s Cry ( a poem about human trafficking)


The night becomes my blanket

The stars a lighted path

I struggle to breathe in deep

But my lungs ache with every breath.

He pushes me along the road

I have no hope of escape

Bruises already cover me

From the last time I tried to get away.

Now I know what he expects

Now I know just what to do

I won’t buck against the rules this time

I’ll be a good girl and follow suit.

OH, I might be wearing heels

And a dress that shows my skin

But I promise you, on the inside,

I’m more than what he says I am.

Yeah, I might be smiling wide

And giving him what he asks

But I promise you with all that is in me

I’m not just “a good time” in the sack.

One day they’ll come for me

One day my voice will be heard

I just have to keep on shouting

Until they hear the depths of my hurt.

I keep groping in the dark

I keep searching for a light

Does love even really exist?

Or am I just here to service him for a night?

This wasn’t my choice, by the way,

I never wanted this life

The drugs and the sex and the pain

All it does is make me cry.

Won’t you listen to me?

Don’t you know that I’m here?

Someone please let them know.

Or I might just die from fear.

Look high and low for me

Please, I just want to go home

My hope is fading by the hour

My life is no longer my own.

I’m fighting to be heard.

I’m punching at the air.

My voice gets lost among the noise

Does anyone out there even care?

For ways to get involved in the fight against human trafficking visit The A21 Campaign .

NaBloPoMo November 2015