Moms, It’s Okay to Embrace Your Mushy Side


Hi friends! I have a post up on my fave site, Her View From Home, for all my mamas out there. I have discovered a new side to myself since having children- sappy! (And I’m loving it, though it does make things awkward at times.) Come on over to HVFH and check out my newest piece if you’re constantly feeling that tug to tear up over things your kids do. I promise you’ll find some solidarity with other moms in my words.


“These opportunities come our way whether we like it or not. We have to decide if we’re going to let them steer us further into relationship with our child, even if that means shedding a few tears, or if we’re going to let them push us out of connection with them. Seeing life through our children’s eyes will evoke emotions from the hardest of hearts. Our children seeing life through our eyes will help them see that we, their parents, are simply human. Just. Like. Them.”

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The Mom She Needs


Happy Tuesday, friends! I am over on Her View From Home again today with a piece about postpartum depression. I share my story of dealing with it for a little while after my first daughter’s birth. I hope you will take a peek into my life for a minute and read about my experience. Many moms struggle with this and I want to be a voice of freedom for them to also share their very personal experiences. Life (and all of it’s moments) is meant to be shared, right? Thank you for checking it out HERE.

Here’s a sneak peek:

She came home. Only to scream ugly comments to me that poke at the very identity of who I am. She said she wished I was never her mother. Doesn’t she know? I ache every single day because I AM her mother. The truth that she is a gift that I barely received is something I carry with me everywhere I go. It is a part of who I am.


To read more, click here! For more Her View From Home posts, click on the HVFH category in the drop down menu. I generally write about motherhood, faith, and grief along with other amazing mommy writers. Thanks!


Hey Mom!

Our aim is simple-look to heaven for help on earth.

Today, I was invited to guest post over at one of my fave places, FLOURISH! I wrote a short Mother’s Day piece for all you weary mamas out there. I would be honored if you checked it out. I took the well known verse of Proverbs 31:28 and broke it down a bit. Here’s a snippet:

“To rise up means to live boldly for Christ by standing our ground when everything around us is trying to knock us down. Picture an eagle soaring above the storms. She is not affected by the lightning and thunder around her but rather, she is bravely allowing the severe weather to propel her further into her destiny.”

Thanks for your support! Here’s the link one last time: FLOURISH

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Kiss Them Goodnight


Having kids is tiring. I love each of my four bundles with insane devotion but, man, I have a hard time keeping my eyes open after 8:00 pm these days.

Kissing them goodnight requires some major willpower because I am typically a lazy pile of bones on the couch by then. I’ve started drifting off to dreamland when I hear little feet running in my direction.

“Mommy, don’t forget to come pray and kiss us goodnight.” 

I want to stay on that sofa. I want to be comfortable. I want to doze off under the warm blanket. After all, it has been a long day of mothering.

But I don’t. (Unless I’m sick and literally can’t get up off the couch.) Not because I’m amazing and super awesome. Only because of the promise I made to myself when I became a mom: I WILL ALWAYS CHOOSE MY KIDS’ FUTURE OVER MY PRESENT.

One day, I won’t have little cheeks to kiss and tiny hands to hold in the night. One day, I will no longer be able to whisper God’s truth into their ears as the sun goes down outside their bedroom windows.

One day, they will be all grown up and in their own homes wrestling with the idea of staying on that cozy couch instead of getting up to tuck their precious little ones into bed.

And I want them to choose well. I want them to put tomorrow ahead of today. I want them to look back and remember that I never forgot to kiss them goodnight.

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