Monday Motivation Tips

Monday motivation

I didn’t get to blog about #healthyover30 this past weekend so I thought I’d start off this week with that post. I’m gonna give you all some tips that I’ve taken from a variety of sources that are working really well for me. They are pretty obvious but, hey, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right? 😉

Tip #1- Drink a ton of water. Like, when you think you have had enough water for the day, drink another bottle. 🙂 Sometimes we think we are hungry when really our bodies are dehydrated. This has really helped me stay full longer, too!

Tip #2- Workout in some way, shape, or form every single day. Even if it’s only 20 minutes- get moving DAILY. I walk in the mornings five days a week. I do Zumba once a week and I do at home strength training once or twice a week. Some days I combine things, too!

Tip #3- Go to bed by 10:00pm. Why? Because most of us have to get up by 6:00 in the morning and this bedtime ensures atleast eight hours of sleep. You may not think you need that much sleep per night but, I promise you, you do. Do kids ever seem to run out of energy? Nope. Ya know why? Because they take naps during the day and go to bed early. I don’t know about you but I want to be as energetic as I was when I was five.

Tip #4- Cut out the sugar. This is really hard, but of all the changes I’ve made, it has produced the most obvious results in my weight and energy. Just going without that morning doughnut and skipping the coke with lunch will give you a boost and prevent a sugar crash. Plus, you’ll start to realize that you don’t even need it as much as you think you do!

Tip #5- Have fun with your food. I think that the main reason I’m having success with my vegetarian journey is because I’m incorporating delicious recipes that include a wide variety of foods. The more colorful it is, the more I’m inclined to want to make it! I have never been good in the kitchen. I just decided that I can cook and it’s going to be fun, darn-it! Our attitude has a lot to do with our success!

So, I hope these tips encourage you in your #healthyover30 journey. The most important thing I can tell you is this: Don’t be so hard on yourself. We all have bad eating days. (I ate pretzels with Nutella until I almost hurled last night!) We all skip workouts when we are tired. ( I chose a chick flick and wine over a workout last weekend!)

Once in a while diet mess ups do not negate all the work you’ve done. Just remind yourself that you’re worth the sacrifice and make a better choice next time. You can do it- you know how I know? Because I’m doing it!

Go Ahead and Give Yourself Some Grace

life is not an emergency

It’s Monday. Give yourself some extra grace today, friends. 
Sip your coffee just a little bit longer. Linger in the shower for an additional minute or two. Drive the long way to work so you can hear that song on the radio all the way ’til the end. 
Don’t rush. Don’t break out in a sweat over a few extra moments of self care. These things are necessary in the long run.
Life is not an emergency. It’s meant to be savored and enjoyed. Every second counts. 
So be good to yourself. Others will take notice of your appreciation of the good things in life. 
And, maybe, they will go a little bit easier on themselves too. Grace is contagious that way, after all. 



Is it the weekend yet?

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It’s been a Monday. Rowdy kids that don’t want to listen. Impatient mama that doesn’t want to deal with it.

One child has pink eye. Another is a toddler (need I say more?) The other two are wild and crazy testosterone infused boys that can’t sit still for longer than 20 minutes. SERIOUSLY.

But, I have purposely been refocusing my mind on Jesus every single moment I get frustrated or irritated today. The verses God gave me this morning to meditate on were in James 4, verses 7 -8:

“Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. Come near to God and He will come near to you.”

God knew I would need to resist the devil today. Cause I sure have wanted to scream and yell and pitch a fit over every single little thing. And there have been ALOT of little things.

But each time, I recalled the above verse and read it softly. I put my name in it and said something like this: “I, Harmony, will submit myself, then, to God. I will resist the devil, and he will flee from me. I will come near to God and He will come near to me.”

And I said it again. Until I actually started to act like I believed it. The word of God is powerful but we have to incorporate it into our lives in order to see that power manifest.

This day has been hard but that Bible verse has been like a soothing balm over my stressed out soul that has quieted me in the angry moments and reminded me that I have a choice- I can give in to the devil and fly off the handle. OR I can turn my back on him and surrender my anger to the only One capable of giving me the peace I need to get through it.

With each breath I choose Jesus because being near to Him is the only place that I want to be. And He wants to be near to me too.

That may be the best news I’ve heard all day.

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