Let’s Get Our Hands Dirty, Church!

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I know, I know…where have I been? (Cue mysterious background music.)

Let’s see… first of all, I’ve been finishing up my last semester of college. By the way, I graduate in May with my Criminal Justice degree! Woo hoo! It’s been hectic and time consuming to say the least.

I’ve also been settling in to our new home in Texas. It’s been fun but exhausting since I have a preschooler running around at my feet every second of the day. #onetiredmama

Where else have I been? Oh yeah, I’ve been involved in an amazing local chapter of a global non profit organization called The A21 Campaign and I’m loving it! The local chapter is called The Freedom Chasers and we go around to different churches, schools, events, etc… to raise awareness on human trafficking through informative talks, fundraisers, and community involvement. You might recognize the organization’s name because I wrote about their Walk for Freedom last year in which I participated.

In that same vein, I am writing to you today from the perspective of two young girls who got caught up in the seedy world that is sexual exploitation. Their stories are fictional but the details are based on real stories that I’ve read about or actually encountered. I would greatly appreciate your views and shares of this piece as it is just another tool to raise awareness among our friends and acquaintances on the horrors of human trafficking.

Click on the quote to go to the post and thank you so much for reading! ❤

Our world is experiencing a love drought of epidemic proportions these days. Elicit billboards with sexy imagery line the highways in anticipation of men wanting a pleasure break from their long and lonely drives. Women (and even girls) get caught up in the industry of temporary satisfaction in search of the seemingly elusive concept called love. They are on the receiving end of an unwanted demonstration of imposter love that reveals itself through association and expectation. Someone lied to them and led them to believe that they had to work for it. And the only thing that is going to stop their accidental pursuit of unhealthy love is a purposeful response of healthy love.

Walk For Freedom

Write Tribe

Hi friends. I have the privilege of guest posting over at one of my favorite places: Write Tribe. On the last Saturday of every month, Write Tribe posts an inspiring story with a link up for others to engage in a project bigger than themselves. This month, I got to write the inspirational post and I chose to talk about The A21 Campaign’s Walk for Freedom.


Human trafficking is modern-day slavery and involves the use of force, fraud, or coercion to obtain some type of labor or commercial sex act.

This organization, The A21 Campaign, is fighting for the rights of men, women, and children all around the world who aren’t able to fight for themselves. I believe in the life-changing work that this group of amazing people is doing with all of my heart. This is why I wrote about their fight against injustice. To play a part, even if only a little one, in doing something to end this horrific oppression.

Please hop over to the Write Tribe blog and read the post. Awareness is the foundation to freedom. If we don’t know about it, how are we ever going to help? Thank you for spreading the word! Let’s be an army of world-changers!


Shine a Light On Slavery #endit


Love, be our eyes

Guide our feet away from lies

Lead us to the broken

Shine Your piercing light


Love, be our voice

Declare peace over the noise

Shout down the evil taunts

Sing words of eternal joy


Love, be our hands

Show your grace to this land

Use the lowest and the least

Involve us in Your plans


Love, be our light

Shine your hope in the night

Forgive our lust for the dark

Beam through our hearts so bright.



January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month

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There are so many things that I could say about human trafficking (sex trafficking specifically). Things like:

Human trafficking is happening in the United States despite the overwhelming amount of news and media outlets that are only pointing towards other countries having this problem. It is very much a problem here on good ol’ American soil as well. It just looks different than it does in India or Cambodia. Actually, it’s harder to “see” this crime happening here because it’s not as obvious as it is in other countries.

Many women that prostitute are not in that line of work by choice. In fact, they are being forced against their will to perform sex acts on others for money that they will never see. Just because the woman looks like she wants to be there doesn’t mean she really does. There is so much brainwashing and manipulation that goes into luring the women and earning their trust. They have a hard time leaving the life even if they’re rescued.

It’s not an age, race, class, or education level issue. It’s happening to all kinds of women and children in both upper class neighborhoods and very impoverished communities. Noone is exempt from being influenced it seems.  In America, the average age of girls being coerced into the life of a sex slave is 12.  In other countries, the children are even younger. Homecoming queen turned street worker is not a far-fetched concept anymore. Craigslist and brothels are exploiting girls that are both emotionally poor and economically poor.

The pimps and johns don’t always look creepy or sketchy. In reality, many are businessmen working for high powered companies. There are also those that fit the description of the “everyman.” The regular guy that works a typical 9 to 5 and sits next to you at church on Sunday. Ya know, the one with the happy family. Don’t be misled by appearances or what you think they should look like.

Being aware of warning signs and training our children to be informed is smart. Prevention starts at home. Our daughters must know that they are inherently valuable and loved by God no matter what. They must be taught how to use discernment in their relationships. They must know that their worth comes from God alone. Our sons must be shown how to value and protect women. They must know what God expects a godly man to do in the face of a culture that sells sex on the t.v., computer, and street corner.


How can you get involved? Here are some amazing organizations that train and mobilize teams to rescue and restore human trafficking victims. The more of us in this fight, the more women and children we can save from a life of misery and abuse. And ya know what? If you can’t physically be involved, write about it. And don’t stop. EVER. All kinds of awareness are vital to conquering this evil. 

The A21 Campaign

Polaris Project

International Justice Mission

Exodus Cry Ministries


A Warrior’s Cry ( a poem about human trafficking)


The night becomes my blanket

The stars a lighted path

I struggle to breathe in deep

But my lungs ache with every breath.

He pushes me along the road

I have no hope of escape

Bruises already cover me

From the last time I tried to get away.

Now I know what he expects

Now I know just what to do

I won’t buck against the rules this time

I’ll be a good girl and follow suit.

OH, I might be wearing heels

And a dress that shows my skin

But I promise you, on the inside,

I’m more than what he says I am.

Yeah, I might be smiling wide

And giving him what he asks

But I promise you with all that is in me

I’m not just “a good time” in the sack.

One day they’ll come for me

One day my voice will be heard

I just have to keep on shouting

Until they hear the depths of my hurt.

I keep groping in the dark

I keep searching for a light

Does love even really exist?

Or am I just here to service him for a night?

This wasn’t my choice, by the way,

I never wanted this life

The drugs and the sex and the pain

All it does is make me cry.

Won’t you listen to me?

Don’t you know that I’m here?

Someone please let them know.

Or I might just die from fear.

Look high and low for me

Please, I just want to go home

My hope is fading by the hour

My life is no longer my own.

I’m fighting to be heard.

I’m punching at the air.

My voice gets lost among the noise

Does anyone out there even care?

For ways to get involved in the fight against human trafficking visit The A21 Campaign .

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