Laugh Along With Me…at Me.

I am a very reasonable person. This is what I tell myself on a daily basis. Especially when I do something that looks, well, questionable. 🙂

For example, just yesterday, my new favorite song came on the radio and I found myself (to the shock and horror of my seven year old daughter) twerking in the kitchen. I mean, how can you not get down to this song?

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know that the video is a little racy so just shield your eyes if it offends you. BUT I can’t hear this song and not jam out a bit. At first, it was the beat- catchy and fun. Easy to dance to, right? (And did I mention that I LOVE Meghan Trainor?)

Then I started paying attention to the lyrics and I thought to myself, I love this song even more now. Where was it when I was in college and living the single life? 

Oh girls, it would have probably changed some things for me. Like I may have focused a little bit more on me and my self worth instead of on every Tom, Dick, and Harry that gave me a wink.

So, yeah, I’m over here all twerking in the kitchen to this woman power song and I don’t feel guilty about the fact that my little girl is watching this hilarious and slightly off-putting scene take place. In fact, I invite her to join in the dance party with me.

Because I want her to know that she can say NO. That it’s ok to be ok with being single. That no boy is ever as important as her inherent self-worth and infinite value. 

She just laughed at my awkward display of dance moves (that, frankly, I learned from zumba class) and then she jumped right on in.

And, together, we danced for women everywhere.

Happy Mother's Day

Song Review (The River by Jordan Feliz)

“The River” is the frequently played single off of Jordan Feliz’s debut album entitled, Beloved. 

I have been playing it on repeat lately. It’s just so full of truth and the catchy beat makes me want to dance. What a great way to start the year with an engaging reminder of God’s saving grace.

Jordan Feliz has a voice that is thick with quality and substance as he effortlessly glides across the notes with ease. He has a contagious element to his singing that invites the listener to not only bop their head but really feel the music in their very soul.

And that, to me, is what makes a great artist. Especially if you are representing Christ in your craft. Does it present the message of the gospel well? Does it bring the audience into an experience where they are not just entertained but moved to respond?

This song does both of those things. So put it on and get ready to bust a move. God is good and we were created to praise Him!

<The idea for this song review came from a fun post I read on . Check out her page! >


Sing My Soul

I woke up with this new song by Amanda Cook stuck in my head:

I’m in a funk this week. Feeling under the weather with a cold. Super tired and lacking desire to exercise. And my kids always seem to be the most rambunctious when I’m feeling the least motivated. 🙂

My get up and go has left the building with no hint as to when it’s gonna return. Blah is my current state of being.

But, I love how this song was in my brain when I woke up because, honestly, I did not feel like spending time in prayer or worship this morning. It’s like God implanted this sweet little reminder inside of me so I would want to come to Him first thing.

I love the words to this song because it reminds me that I don’t have to feel like worshiping to worship.

He knew that I would have slow days and tiring seasons. Yet He is still worthy to be praised (despite how I feel.)

So, today I took a time out from all things that tend to pull me away from His presence. And I worshiped. No tv. No books. (GASP!) No social media (ok, I did post pics of my kids being adorable on instagram but that was IT.)

His word says that His presence is where joy is found. And that He renews my strength. And that He gives rest to the weary.

All things that make my heart want to sing and my feet want to dance. I can’t even muster up the desire to come to him on my own. He gives that to me too. And I’m grateful. Where would I be without the Lord’s guidance in my life?

Without a song to sing, I’m afraid….

NaBloPoMo November 2015