Sunday Rest #2


At church this morning our pastor talked about community.

I got to thinking about just how blessed I am to have a wonderful group of women surrounding me during the highs and lows of life.

This group of amazing gals met together for the first time only 1 year ago. We started meeting bi-monthly for an early morning walk followed by coffee and devotions.

The results of our lives intersecting has been nothing short of miraculous. Fear has been conquered through prayer. Insecurities have been voiced in a safe place. Love has been given and received despite personality differences.

Ultimately, Christ has been on display.

And I for one will never be the same because of what these women have taught me. They are each jewels of a rare and unique value that cannot be compared.

I do not take this privilege of godly friendship for granted. So many look for authentic Christian relationships and get disappointed in their search because it takes a while.

Let me encourage you to keep at it. I was lonely for 3 years before I found this safe place of godly women. It can happen to you too. Just keep looking. And if you don’t find a group where you belong, then start your own group.

It’s not easy. Anything worthwhile requires work. But it is SO worth it.

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Come to Me

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Come to Me and breathe

Fill your lungs with My peace

I am here to give you rest

Nothing can take you away from Me.

Come to Me and eat

My word is all the nourishment you need

I am the Bread of life

Feast on my goodness when you are hungry.

Come to Me and sleep

Hours of worry only bring you anxiety

Be lulled by My songs

I will comfort you with My sweet melodies.

Come to Me and be

Stillness in My presence brings relief

Let Me guide you to the Truth

For there is nothing else that will set you free.

NaBloPoMo November 2015

Thankful for the Sleepless Nights

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I’m thankful for the horrible mistakes I’ve made, the countless times I’ve been hurt, and the battles I’ve fought and lost.

If not for the hard times, I’d never appreciate the good things God has done.


I’m thankful for the moments of humiliation, the hours of deep sorrow, and the longings unsatisfied by this world.

If not for the desperate times, I’d never recognize fulfillment in Christ.


I’m thankful for the struggles with depression, the events of emotional upheaval, and the cries in the night over unanswered prayers.

If not for the seemingly hopeless view, I’d never realize that Jesus is my Hope, the Anchor for my soul.


I’m thankful for the angry outbursts, the stubborn mindset, and the days I’ve wasted on harboring un-forgiveness.

If not for the hard hearted nature of my soul, I’d never allow the Holy Spirit to gently lead me to repentance.


But, most of all, I’m thankful for the dreams in my heart that seem impossible and unlikely and out of my reach.

Because those dreams represent the big plans that God has for me.

And if he has a different plan, I am grateful that His dreams for me are SO MUCH BETTER than mine.


Happy Thanksgiving, friends! What hard things are you thankful for today?

Remember, it’s all about perspective.

NaBloPoMo November 2015