Heavenly Promotion


She stands among them

Taller than the jealous red Rose

Open to the Sun


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Write Your Heart Out (Week 1)

Everyday Gyaan
February 7 Prompt:
  1. Your thoughts on this quote:  The reward for conformity was that everyone liked you except yourself. ~Rita Mae Brown


Being liked isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. There is always more to lose than there is to gain in the popularity game. Isn’t there?

Conformity. Such an evil word (in my opinion) yet so many get caught up in the flashiness of it all. Insert movie clip from “Mean Girls”.


So much beauty is lost when we trade in our original self for a copy of someone else’s masked self. The irony behind our compliance to the standard of “norm” is pinpointed with perfect finality in Rita Mae Brown’s words. Our reward for being the same as everyone else is found in simply being admired by them and therefore neglected by ourselves.

In essence, we get what we think we want but when we get it, we are still left wanting more. That’s the sad part. The one who has the most to gain by accepting herself actually has the most to lose by relying on others to accept her. Such a vicious cycle that can literally be seen from Hollywood to the unholy halls of our local high schools.

Why risk it? Not to sound big-headed or anything, but I am way too important to sacrifice the real me for a walk in Miss Popularity’s shoes. She only lets me see what I want to see anyways. Or maybe I only see what I want to see. Either way, it’s a lie.

Conformity. It makes us a half version of ourselves. And I’d rather be completely me. I’d rather be satisfied in knowing who I am and who I am not. I’d rather let my individuality shine instead of look like everyone else and hate myself for it.

I am a giant within my own brave skin. I will fight the urge to be you with every ounce of big-hearted courage that I have inside of me. I will not conform. For MY OWN sake.