The Reason I Write

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It’s simple, really. I do this writing thing for a reason. This blog is not a haphazard journal of random thoughts or a disheveled version of my personal life. Writing is a purposeful activity that brings me joy.

Yet I don’t write for me. I just get to benefit from my words. You may think that sounds cocky or irreverent, like I’m worshiping my own work. But, really, it’s a humble expression of the God’s-honest truth.

I write so that you will know you’re not alone in your struggles. I write so that you will know love and hope in a tangible way. I write so that you will know the truth of the goodness of God. Not for applause or acclaim. I simply want you to experience one minute, heck, even one second, of God’s grace. Believe me, I couldn’t write a single word without it. Thankfully, I don’t ever have to.

I have a message that can’t be contained. It has to be shared. And after I share it, I am blessed because I didn’t keep it all to myself. However, if I don’t share the truth nestled down deep inside of me, then I am not fully living. The truth sets us free, right? So, if I don’t offer you a taste of the free life, then I’m just hoarding my own freedom. How could I live with myself?


As we all know, freedom doesn’t come without sacrifice. My pain on a page for the world to read, that’s sacrifice. But the glory that God gets through just one person finding hope through my struggles is worth the cost. Isn’t that what life is all about?

Sure, I experience healing from getting my thoughts onto paper. Sometimes, I can’t even talk about my hurt, but strangely, I can always seem to write about it. Once my authentic work is out there, peace follows in the knowing that someone will hopefully identify with it.

The thing is, even when my writing might seem a bit too vulnerable, my heart feels freer once I let the scary feelings out. Fear of judgement is quickly overshadowed by the undeniable presence of God’s love and faithfulness found in my story. These truths never fail to jump up from the page and surprise me. Closing my eyes in fear doesn’t remove His light of love.  

That, dear friends, is my reason for writing. To share the messy, unconventional, irrational grace that God has woven into my very ordinary and completely flawed life. To remind myself as I remind you that God has never left me and He never, ever will.

Why do you write?

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11 thoughts on “The Reason I Write

  1. I love this and thank you for sharing your words (pain included). I’ve been reflecting on this for myself. I have always felt called to write but never did much writing until recently. Right now it’s more about getting out what is inside of me, healing from it, and finding my community.

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  2. I love this post! I write to get emotions and feelings out. I write in hopes that my words will help someone else (which is a big reason why I made my blog public several years ago).

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  3. I began writing in my blog for the same reason. Writers who are meant to write cannot truly enjoy life until they’ve written. I used to think its a difficult weight to bear, but now see it as a blessing. Good for you!

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    1. Yes! We have been given a gift of communicating with the world in an effective and emotionally connecting way. We must use it for good. Thanks for commenting!


  4. Love this. Your heart is so beautiful, friend. I write for similar reasons-so that others know how great is our God, how powerful and important are His truths, that grace is available to hurting souls, and that joy is possible in Him, whatever our circumstances.

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    1. Thank you so much Marisa! Yes, your blog is a blessing to so many, including myself. Thank YOU for being an ambassador of God’s truth and grace along with me. ❤

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