To All My Single Ladies!

Five Confidence Boosting Affirmations for Single Gals

Do you know how important you are? Have you given yourself credit for being amazing lately? If you need a reminder of how downright gorgeous you are, then these five personal declarations will help you out.

  1. “I am not confined to the labels that someone else has assigned to me.”

You can be who you want to be. Just because you have pink hair doesn’t mean you fit the punk rock mold that your co-worker is desperately trying to attach to you. Sure, you can pull off that funky hairdo but, by all means, belt out some Coldplay if that’s what sets your heart free. There’s no shame in your alternative rock game. (And “Yellow” is seriously timeless.)

  1.  “I have plenty to offer in relationships and at my workplace.”

You don’t need to second-guess your quirky ability to memorize random trivia facts or recite the U.S. Presidents in alphabetical order. The right person will not only appreciate those quirks but will also love those little characteristics that set you apart from the rest. Those who don’t appreciate them are just insecure about their lack of memorization skills!

  1. “My beauty comes from my inherent value and not from my relationship status.”

Nobody else can convince you of the beauty inside of you. You have to see it for yourself. Do you think that Monet painted his masterpieces without first seeing the allure of the finished work in his mind? See yourself as a masterpiece. Of course you’re a work in progress. We all are. Just make sure your inner grace is equally as important as your outer style. You don’t want to be with a guy who only compliments you on your hotness anyways, right? There’s SO much more to you.

  1. “I am not what I do.”

Does your job run your life? Well, in case you didn’t know this already, you are worth more than your income. Your paycheck does not equal your awesomeness. You are a whole person and that job of yours is just one part of what makes you brilliant. Remember that song you belted out last Friday night at Karaoke? The crowd cheered at your Adele-esque pipes! Just because you’re not getting paid for your talent doesn’t mean you don’t have any. Keep putting yourself out there!

  1. “I don’t want to be anyone else but me.”

Sure, your roommate may have the perfect body and hair but deep down she is miserable in her 9 to 5. Maybe you aren’t as fit as she is but comparing yourself to her is only going to leave you green with envy. Plus, she’s stressed to the max about paying the bills next month because she’s about to quit her job. You just focus on being the best you (and of course offering your roomie some moral support!) All that jealousy is bad for your health and it doesn’t change the number on the scale either!

So, grab your lipstick, ladies! It’s time to face the day with confidence. Go ahead and smile back at your beautiful face in the mirror. You owe it to yourself to boldly take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way today. Your new mantra: Hello world, bring it on!


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