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I’ve always been a reader. As a result, I am a big believer in the lasting effects of reading on a person’s life. I wouldn’t be where I am today without the knowledge I’ve gained through books.

So many people claim they are not the reading kind and I just sort of chuckle and then change the subject. Because I don’t believe that being a reader is optional. If you want to grow, lead, succeed, and dream, then reading has to become a part of your life.

Take growth, for instance. I’m not the same timid, unaware, insecure girl I was even ten years ago. And I have countless books to thank for that. The Bible tops the list, though, as being the most influential in my maturity as a confident woman. I now know who I am because of what the Word of God says about me. He calls me His beloved one, His chosen daughter, and His beautiful masterpiece.

What about leadership skills? Surely the proof is seen in the fact that so many great leaders of our time are self-proclaimed hearty learners. John Maxwell is one of my favorite authors on leadership and this is what he has to say about being a lifelong student:

“Live to learn and you will really learn to live.”

Without reading, we limit ourselves to what other people have to say. If you really want to learn, discover it for yourself by picking up a book.

Success is one of those words that gets thrown around a lot in accordance with the much sought after American Dream. Whether we are looking for external success through dollar bills or internal success through peace in our souls, we have to take into account the important words of those who have gone before us. Eleanor Roosevelt, former First Lady of the United States and human rights activist, said,

“One thing I believe profoundly: We make our own history. The course of history is directed by the choices we make and our choices grow out of the ideas, the beliefs, the values, the dreams of the people.”

We cannot succeed without gaining wisdom from the voices of influential men and women of yesterday. Our future depends on our remembrance of those that have paved the way. Read a biography about someone you admire. You just might learn that you share some of their passions and therefore be inspired to go after a greater purpose than you could have ever imagined on your own.

Dreaming is a lost art these days. Many times we get used to going and doing that we forget to stop and dream for a minute. But if we aren’t dreaming then we are living a pretty dull existence. So many books have brought the dreamer out in me. From fairy tales to poetry, reading has a way of opening our hearts and minds to a world beyond what our eyes can see. I loved getting lost in the Nancy Drew books as a young girl. I would pretend I was brave like she was and imagine going on mysterious adventures to rescue the wounded neighborhood cat or spy on the mischievous shop owner. Don’t knock the value that comes from lying down in the grass and letting your imagination take you beyond the printed page. I am now finishing up my degree in criminal justice all these years later. It looks like those Nancy Drew books paid off after all…

One of my highest goals in life is to add something of value to this world. I want to make a deposit of outlandish proportions into the futures of generations to come. This may seem like a daunting task to some, but to me, it’s why I’m alive. Where does reading fit into this picture? Well, let’s just put it this way: If I don’t stay presently aware of the needs in my society by picking up a newspaper or clicking on that online article, then I sure as heck won’t know what to do to make the world a better place for the children of tomorrow.

Reading is not only about personal growth and development but also about staying educated so that we can raise up future leaders that wisely take responsibility for their own growth, success, and dreams.

Read to live. One day you will look back at how far you’ve come and be so glad you picked up that book.


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19 thoughts on “Read to Live

  1. As an avid reader since childhood, I’m a HUGE believer of the power of reading too. It is not only educational but therapeutic for those emotional teenage years and it really changed my life. Thank you for your input.

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    1. It’s so therapeutic, isn’t it? I also used reading as a healthy escape in my teenage years. Thanks!


  2. Thanks for such a wonderful post I’m with you on this one. Reading is like breathing to me, one can’t exist without it. Simple as that! If only people read and understood more, they would be more empathetic towards each other and the world would be a better place.

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    1. So true Esha. Reading brings an awareness and compassion out of you that you may not even know is in there. More people should be doing it. Thanks for stopping by!


    1. Thanks Mahati! Yep, I’ve looked back many times and thought, “Thank goodness I read that book so I knew how to go through this or plan for this…”


    1. Thanks Tineke! The benefits are life long, aren’t they? Reading takes you places that social media and television just can’t!


    1. Exactly! Add a cup of coffee or tea and I’m relaxed and ready to explore somewhere new in a book. 🙂


    1. I love that….”reading helps me reset in many ways.” Yep. That’s a great way to put it. Thanks for your comment!


    1. So true, Dorothy. If we don’t know our identity in Christ, we will continue to search for it in the wrong places. Thanks for stopping by!


  3. Brilliant free writing on making a difference and positive changes. I love each and every word written here, adding something of value. We all need to do that. Happy you are completing the law degree and more power to you. Also love what you say about dreams:)
    Keep the faith, keep growing:)


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