Your Freedom is Not Free

Your Freedom is not free

Hi friends!

I’m over at hvfh-logo15 writing about my American freedom. Would love for you to jump on this link and read my patriotic piece!  It’s a shout of thanks to all the wonderful men and women who put on a uniform every single day and sacrifice so much so that I can enjoy many blessings. I am forever grateful to each of you (my hubby included!)

Do we celebrate the way we always have despite the current state of unrest that our great country is experiencing? YES. Do we sing loudly of our allegiance to the grand ol’ flag when we are rocked by bad news left and right? YES. Do we stand tall among the political chaos and ruthless finger pointing to defend our forefathers’ belief that God is in whom we must trust? YES!

Come on- you know you want to read the rest! 😉 click here to continue reading… Thanks! Happy Fourth of July!