The Roller Coaster of Change


We are on the brink of a big change. New home, new friends, new church, new city.

It’s exciting and scary. A big roller coaster of twists and turns, ups and downs. This is the part of military life that is really hard.

The people we meet along the way stay with us even after we’re gone but we still have to say goodbye.

The places we come to love become “remember when?” memories that we may never get to visit again.

The move from a familiar city to an unknown city is full of unexpected joy and apprehension as we discover and find our way.

We close our eyes when we climb the 200 ft. drop because we know the plunge into unexplored territory is coming fast. We feel the nervous anxiety of the impending descent but can’t stop it.

This is the truth of transition. 

We love the freeing feeling of the wind blowing through our hair at 90 mph as we soar swiftly on the rails. But we aren’t there yet. No. First, we have to climb up high just to dive back down. We have to open our mouths and let out a scream to tell ourselves that we can do this. There’s no quiet passengers on this ride. The fear dissolves through our screams. 

Laughter follows as the thrill almost makes us crawl out of our skin. There’s so much fun to be found on this adventure.

We are weightless under the force of change as it propels us into an upside down loop. We try to hold on for dear life but we just can’t. So we lift up our hands and let the rush take us where it will.

And when we open our eyes, we realize that it is over just as quickly as it began. We made it to our destination in one piece. Our legs are wobbly and our tummies are a bit shaken up. But we made it.

It was a wild ride! We were tossed around a bit but we knew the ride would inevitably end. We unbuckle our seatbelts, grab eachother’s hands, and walk over to the street vendor for some cotton candy to celebrate.

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photo credit: Goodbye Gwazi via photopin (license)


4 thoughts on “The Roller Coaster of Change

  1. Change is the only thing that is constant in life. We cope with it.. Enjoy it.. Fight against it.. Take it as an adventure… I loved reading this post. You do have a way with words. It felt like watching the scenes I already know.. Like dreaming..

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