Morality 101

Morals are the undercurrent that push us towards or pull us away from certain behaviors.

Morals are the undercurrent that push us towards or pull us away from certain behaviors. Without morals, we would be aimless in our pursuit for right living and a selfless existence. In fact, many people are walking around this way today because they have chosen to ignore the morals instilled in them at a young age.

The thing is, noone can ever say that they don’t know the difference between right and wrong. Ignorance on the subject of morality doesn’t exist in my opinion. We all have within us an inherent sense of good and bad. Even people who are born into a family built on lies and shady decisions know when they’re acting foolishly or not.

Children learn to have morals from the adults in their life. I don’t believe that there is such a thing as “good” morals or “bad” morals. You either live by a respectable code of conduct (morals) or you don’t. I liken morality to integrity. What you do when noone is looking gives us a good picture of what our level of morality is.

Morality is different than ethics. Ethics are what we do in public out of obligation to a contract we signed upon starting a new job or school. They are a list of rules that we agree to follow in order to function in a certain environment in a positive and healthy way. They are not morals. Now, morals can contribute to our ethical stance for sure. If we believe deep down that bullying is wrong because God made everyone in His image no matter their race, age, sex, or abilities, then we will more likely stand up against this type of behavior in our work/school environment.

Our morals push us to not just say we are for or against something, but rather, to act in agreement with our words.

Morals last after we punch our time card at 5:00pm on Friday and stay with us as we dive into the activities on the weekend. Do we all mess up and do things from time to time that are inconsistent with our morals? Heck yeah we do. But people who are guided by that God-given inner compass (some say conscience), are known for their reputable nature and not for their uncommon and out-of-character choices.

I was taught that lying is always wrong and honesty is always right. This is not a Christian teaching; it’s a morality thing. My Christian faith feeds this truth-seeking mindset, of course, but other religions also ascribe to this principle.

Morality should be a black and white issue but, in today’s “get rich quick by stepping on others” mentality, it has become very grey. Sleeping our way to the top because we deserve the promotion is an example of grey. Sacrificing our dignity on the altar of entitlement is a common thing these days. Assuming something instead of asking first is another way that morality takes a backseat to selfish gain. Honor always asks and is therefore a mark of morality.

The bottom line to this Morality 101 lesson is simple:

 Be a decent human being. Decency can’t be misunderstood. It does the right thing even when it’s inconvenient or hard. Because living with morals isn’t about taking the easy road. It’s about taking the high road. Every time. 



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