Something a Little Bit Different

Time to switch thingsup a bit!

Manatees are my favorite animal. Lovingly termed Gentle Giants, manatees are large, docile creatures of the deep. I’ve loved them ever since I was a child. (I even used to have a very sparkly t-shirt with a group of manatees on it.) Yep. I’m that girl.

*Fun fact- For a short time in my adolescence, I wanted to be a marine biologist when I grew up!* 

I think what drew me to them is that their unbecoming look is not at all what one would expect to accompany such a sweet personality. It could even be assumed that they might be aggressive or grumpy because of their awkwardly colossal size. But, they’re not.

In keeping with today’s blogging prompt–Write on a topic that doesn’t FIT your blog— I have listed some cool facts about this beloved sea creature.

1. Did you know that manatees are herbivores? Definitely doesn’t seem like a fact that is consistent with the huge mass of the beloved beast, does it? Their diet mainly consists of algae and water grasses. While these are not highly dense foods, they do pack a punch that contributes to the animal’s size because they’re consumed in substantial portions.


Photo Credit: photo credit: 2016: following Goose via photopin (license)

2. Manatees are an endangered species. Many people have killed them for their oil and tusks. They have a high mortality rate due to being run over by big ships and barges or getting trapped in fishing nets and other similar types of man-made devices. They will surely go extinct if we don’t get a handle on these threats to their livelihood. Want to know how you can help the manatees? Click HERE.


photo credit: Manatee in Blue Springs State Park – Orange City via photopin (license)

3. Manatees actually swim in a very elegant way. They don’t awkwardly bustle through the waters but rather glide ever so gently in a steady manner. They can swim anywhere from five to fifteen miles per hour but tend to lean more towards the 5 mph pace on average. While they don’t move super fast, they can stay underwater for up to twenty minutes before having to come up for air. Here’s a short video of manatees in Kings Bay, Florida!

What’s your favorite animal? Are you fascinated by their characteristics and habitat? Comment below and let me know! Thanks!

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  1. Cool! I would not have guessed 🙂 My sister has always been an avid fan of humpback whales. There’s something about these animals of the sea that once they grab your attention, you’re stuck!


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