Laugh Along With Me…at Me.

I am a very reasonable person. This is what I tell myself on a daily basis. Especially when I do something that looks, well, questionable. 🙂

For example, just yesterday, my new favorite song came on the radio and I found myself (to the shock and horror of my seven year old daughter) twerking in the kitchen. I mean, how can you not get down to this song?

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know that the video is a little racy so just shield your eyes if it offends you. BUT I can’t hear this song and not jam out a bit. At first, it was the beat- catchy and fun. Easy to dance to, right? (And did I mention that I LOVE Meghan Trainor?)

Then I started paying attention to the lyrics and I thought to myself, I love this song even more now. Where was it when I was in college and living the single life? 

Oh girls, it would have probably changed some things for me. Like I may have focused a little bit more on me and my self worth instead of on every Tom, Dick, and Harry that gave me a wink.

So, yeah, I’m over here all twerking in the kitchen to this woman power song and I don’t feel guilty about the fact that my little girl is watching this hilarious and slightly off-putting scene take place. In fact, I invite her to join in the dance party with me.

Because I want her to know that she can say NO. That it’s ok to be ok with being single. That no boy is ever as important as her inherent self-worth and infinite value. 

She just laughed at my awkward display of dance moves (that, frankly, I learned from zumba class) and then she jumped right on in.

And, together, we danced for women everywhere.

Happy Mother's Day


8 thoughts on “Laugh Along With Me…at Me.

  1. YOU GO GIRL!!! I absolutely love how you embrace and celebrate both the FUN in life and the incredible message of the song- and for us all to pass down to our girls. Yes yes yes… Keep twerkin’ mama! And I will too. 🙂


  2. I’m not a big Trainor fan, BUT I’m a big women’s empowerment fan! I agree; I wish I would have had more outside influence telling me that it’s awesome to be female, and that I have the right to my opinions and my body. I’m glad my kids will grow up in a world with shows like Broad City (I know it’s NOT kid’s material, but it’s girl humor and you just didn’t see that kind of humor on tv, even 5 years ago). Anyway, twerk it on out, lady. 🙂


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