Saturday Spotlight 3


I subscribe to this wonderful online magazine through Christianity Today called Her.Meneutics.ย It consists of brilliant women writing from a Christian perspective about cultural issues that our society is facing today. This afternoon, I ran across this magnificent article by Addie Zierman titled, “A Toast to My Journey with Wine.” Oh how I could relate to her words. She talks about drinking wine in moderation and not being black and white about this subject (like we are so prone to do in many Christian circles.)

My favorite part:

“We need fewer โ€œMommy needs her wineโ€ memes on Facebook and more honest, conversations about how hard life isโ€ฆand how easy it is to numb out. I struggle with moderation in many things, but particularly with wine. I want to talk about that honestly, to cultivate a healthy and redemptive relationship to alcohol.

We need people who will remind us that there is a difference between drinking to forget and drinking to remember. We need to hold each otherโ€™s hair back with a compassionate, listening ear when we get it wrong; we need to affirm each other when we get it right.”

YES! Go read it, you’ll be glad you did. ๐Ÿ™‚

photo credit: pouring champagne sparkling wine into flute glass via photopin (license)

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