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Consistency is hard. I really struggle with it. It’s hard because I have to make a choice between what my body tells me I need to do and what my feelings tell me I want to do.  Sometimes I have to block out my emotions all together to be able to stick with something for the long haul.

Take exercise. I have to separate myself from the dread that inevitably wells up inside of me at the thought of working out so that I can actually  do it. Don’t get me wrong, I love to run. I love zumba. I love yoga. But, the fact that my body is enduring some sort of physical resistance (a.k.a. cardio) keeps my butt on the couch more often then I would like. So, my fix for this lack of motivation? Set a goal so I HAVE to move my body.

Right now, my goal is to run the GoGirl half marathon at the end of March. I have run multiple races but have always had a running buddy with me. Last year was the first time I have ever run a half by myself. And, let me tell you, the sense of accomplishment and pride is so much better when you do it by yourself. 🙂 I had a goal and I finished it without anyone pushing me to get it done. That, my friends, was pretty satisfying.

I say all of this to get this main point across: Having a goal is a great motivator to get you out of your comfort zone and into the fast lane of life. It keeps you on track despite how you feel. And having people around you to support you and hold you accountable is definitely important, too. But, what I’ve come to realize is that believing you can do it is really 3/4 of the battle. If you can envision yourself accomplishing your task, you can do it (with or without help).

What is it that you are having a hard time sticking with today? Do you find yourself relying on your feelings instead of your reasoning? Decide WHY you need to be consistent. That is what keeps you going when you are having trouble continuing the race.

And lastly, finish. Whatever it is. Just do it until it’s all done. Don’t quit because then you will regret it. Maybe not the next day or the next month. But, one day, you’ll look back and say to yourself, “Man, I had the chance to do things different and I didn’t.”  Life is gonna happen to you whether or not you are doing anything with it. So make the choice to do something pretty darn amazing with it!

Comment below with a goal you have set for yourself this year! Thanks!


2 thoughts on “Keep it Up

  1. I’ll be running a 12k in March and a half in April! Good luck! Is that half a pretty big one? I have found the bigger the race, the better for me when I am training/running them by myself 🙂

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  2. This really hit home and I can definitely relate. Even just a year ago it was as if I had a “gym phobia.” I was not motivated enough to work out consistently at home and when I attempted the gym it was as if I would get amnesia and my mind would go blank… It was a struggle for me to figure out what exercises to do and I was self- conscious around other people. Then last year I made it my goal to face my fear and become more comfortable in the gym setting. I also had workout buddies and a close friend of mine was a personal trainer. Just this fall I have started to embrace the idea of “personal training” myself. It has been challenging, but definitely empowering and hopefully I will be able to achieve my fitness goals.
    I think you are doing a fantastic job with consistently working out! It brings a smile to my face when I see that you’ve gone for your run on “map my run.” I am glad we added each other 🙂 Keep up the great work!
    My fitness goal is to create a healthy habit of exercise, to get down to a healthy weight and feel good about myself. Xoxoxo.

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