January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month

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There are so many things that I could say about human trafficking (sex trafficking specifically). Things like:

Human trafficking is happening in the United States despite the overwhelming amount of news and media outlets that are only pointing towards other countries having this problem. It is very much a problem here on good ol’ American soil as well. It just looks different than it does in India or Cambodia. Actually, it’s harder to “see” this crime happening here because it’s not as obvious as it is in other countries.

Many women that prostitute are not in that line of work by choice. In fact, they are being forced against their will to perform sex acts on others for money that they will never see. Just because the woman looks like she wants to be there doesn’t mean she really does. There is so much brainwashing and manipulation that goes into luring the women and earning their trust. They have a hard time leaving the life even if they’re rescued.

It’s not an age, race, class, or education level issue. It’s happening to all kinds of women and children in both upper class neighborhoods and very impoverished communities. Noone is exempt from being influenced it seems.  In America, the average age of girls being coerced into the life of a sex slave is 12.  In other countries, the children are even younger. Homecoming queen turned street worker is not a far-fetched concept anymore. Craigslist and brothels are exploiting girls that are both emotionally poor and economically poor.

The pimps and johns don’t always look creepy or sketchy. In reality, many are businessmen working for high powered companies. There are also those that fit the description of the “everyman.” The regular guy that works a typical 9 to 5 and sits next to you at church on Sunday. Ya know, the one with the happy family. Don’t be misled by appearances or what you think they should look like.

Being aware of warning signs and training our children to be informed is smart. Prevention starts at home. Our daughters must know that they are inherently valuable and loved by God no matter what. They must be taught how to use discernment in their relationships. They must know that their worth comes from God alone. Our sons must be shown how to value and protect women. They must know what God expects a godly man to do in the face of a culture that sells sex on the t.v., computer, and street corner.


How can you get involved? Here are some amazing organizations that train and mobilize teams to rescue and restore human trafficking victims. The more of us in this fight, the more women and children we can save from a life of misery and abuse. And ya know what? If you can’t physically be involved, write about it. And don’t stop. EVER. All kinds of awareness are vital to conquering this evil. 

The A21 Campaign

Polaris Project

International Justice Mission

Exodus Cry Ministries



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