Does Prayer Really Work?

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Praying can seem tedious at times. Like I’m not getting anywhere. Like I’m stuck in a cycle of asking, thanking, and then, waiting.

AGAIN with the waiting.

So many things in my external world have been contradictory to what I know on the inside of me lately. There are horrible things like cancer, addictions, and broken bones in the people I love. I pray and pray and pray. And nothing on the outside shows any sign of improvement.

And I cry. Not because I don’t believe that God will heal them. But because they don’t believe it. How can I blame them? It’s hard to believe when you can’t see any reason to believe. But faith isn’t about seeing, is it?

So, my answer to the ever-existing question, “Does prayer really work?” My answer, dear friends, is to simply keep praying. To stop would surely confirm the negative. But, to keep on praying, to keep on trusting, brings a surety into my life that nothing else can replace. Because the answer is never found in looking at our circumstances.

When I choose to look up instead of at the harrowing circumstances around me, my eyes get filled with light and my heart overflows with hope. The situations around me will change at some point. The healing will eventually come (even if I never see it this side of heaven.) But prayer is something that will always be a source of stability for me.

Because, really, it’s not about the things that change in front of me (good or bad). It’s about the God who never changes inside of me.

So be encouraged today: In whatever you are facing, God is with you. He wants you to come to Him. Because only He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. (Hebrews 13:8)




4 thoughts on “Does Prayer Really Work?

  1. Good post Harmony! This is Yvette from MACU we were in the same course New Testament online…I agree with you no matter what we must continue to be steadfast in prayer…travailing and wailing in the presence of God until we see change…so we must keep pressing, keep fighting, keep crying, keep interceding. The more we pray the more power we will receive.
    God Bless and continue to be strong in the Lord and in the Power of His Might!!!

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  2. Lovely post. Prayers are strength – nothing may change on the exterior but they give us the power to stay put. In India, we say that if you pray during good times, the bad times won’t come. Just a thought but is so true.

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