Me, Honestly

photo credit: Rouge gorge de forêt via photopin (license)









Flesh and bone, that’s me,  

Born to grow steady and true, alive to make the most of this life, 

Torn, yet not broken, like the furrowed bark on a great oak tree. 


Heart and soul, that’s me, 

Open with my feelings, forward with my thinking,

Brave and vulnerable, as a fragile seed sprouting up from debris. 


Fire and Ice, that’s me, 

Aflame for a hot minute, then frozen in time forever, 

Passionate and memorable, like the fiery orange of an autumn leaf. 


Wild and free, that’s me, 

Flying high above the rules, away from what society deems valuable, 

Beautiful and uninhibited, as a nestling lark sings a daybreak melody. 




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