The Process of Becoming

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Today I was reminded of the faithfulness of God through the seasons of waiting in my life. And a light bulb went off in my brain: All this time, I thought I was waiting on God but really God was waiting on me.

A wise friend once told me, “God is more interested in your heart than He is in your comfort.” Those words came back to me today as I realized that the past few years of my life have been SO DARN UNCOMFORTABLE. But the heart changes in me have been supernatural to say the least.

Sacrificing my comfort for a larger heart, a greater sense of purpose, and a closer walk with God has not been easy. But I can now see some beautiful embers aflame inside of me where there once was a mess of cold, dark coal. And when my flesh cringes and tries to turn away from a trying situation, I can now see that I am being invited into another opportunity for fiery heart change.

Why? More training in the uncomfortableness of life. We try so hard to avoid the messy and the nervous and the strange and the unfamiliar but God hasn’t called us to sit back and let life pass us by. He’s called us to move to the sound of His voice allowing the wind of the Holy Spirit to blow on our flickering heart flame when we’re not so sure. It’s called trust.

And I can honestly say that I’ve never felt so weightless and free in all my life. I don’t have to know how I’m gonna get from A to B or from this period of waiting to the time of doing. I just have to believe.

And the result?

Becoming who I am meant to be. 




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