photo credit: Blind Curve via photopin (license)

Ahhhhh…. The suddenly’s of life. Abrupt happenings. Random life events.

Like a blind curve, these untimely occurrences never fail to leave me breathless and wondering what the heck just happened.

Now, it’s fair to assume that the curve on the road was there before I drove in that direction. It’s also fair to assume that the car I was driving was going the speed that I intended it to go.

These factors show me that the suddenly’s in life aren’t really so sudden after all. It’s just a matter of perspective. A casual chain of events that has the potential to be fatal. Sounds like the basic rule of cause and effect to me.

Let’s look at it this way: Suddenly’s are really the end result of a whole lot of behind the scenes planning. Subconscious thinking that went awry. Bitter envy that flowed out in a heated conversation. Old habits that finally got the best of me.

There is always an aftermath.

As I get older, I’m trying to accept the suddenly’s as teaching moments and not take them as reasons to stay stuck. It just seems so fruitless to wish something never happened when in reality our lives are inevitably made up of events that only happen because of someone’s suddenly being unveiled.

I choose to keep my rose colored glasses on and look at it this way: We only get one chance at this life thing. Today’s suddenly will be tomorrow’s expectation. And we all know what expectations can do to us. Leave us just as stuck.

I choose to keep going. And next time, I will heed the warning signs and slow down to 35mph when going around that blind curve.

NaBloPoMo November 2015