The dictionary defines waiting as, “the act of remaining inactive or stationary; a pause or delay.”

photo credit: the street via photopin (license)
photo credit: the street via photopin (license)

There are two types of waiting.

  1. Waiting on the unknown
  2. Waiting on the inevitable

Both have their pros and cons. Both bring about some kind of change.

And I think that’s why waiting is so difficult.

Because it involves change. And change is never easy.

Even when it’s good. Like the whole caterpillar turning into a butterfly thing.

For example, waiting for a certain date on the calendar to arrive so I can go on a much needed vacation is a good kind of change, right? It’s considered an inevitable change because the date is set. But what am I feeling while I’m waiting? Anticipation. (Generally this means restlessness and an inability to focus on tasks at hand.)

What about when I’m waiting on news from the doctor? This would qualify as the unknown. Could be good. Could be bad. Either way, my body relates to the impending change with a wide array of feelings.

So, basically, waiting is hard. And in this life we have to do a lot of it.

I’m just wondering how long it’s gonna take before I get my wings.


NaBloPoMo November 2015