A Letter to My Younger Self


Dear Harmony,

I’m sorry for letting you down. I know you had such high hopes of grandeur at the thought of adulthood and independence and I let you be fooled by these false expectations. I let you believe that becoming important in the world’s eyes was the pinnacle of success. I gave you no indication that life has seasons of yes and seasons of no. I fooled you into dreaming silently because the fear of failing was so much bigger than the purposes of God in your heart. I gave you an excuse to live the lie that your outward beauty and charm was all that you had going for you. I led you into situations where you compromised your values for the sake of someone else’s opinion. Again, I’m sorry. Please forgive me.

Here’s what I should’ve told you then: You will make it just fine if you allow God to be your definition of success instead of the world. Being an adult brings challenges that are tough even for the so-called strong. There’s no denying that pain exists and you will experience it. No, hiding from it won’t keep you safe from it’s effects. But, accepting this fact in the light of God’s amazing grace makes it way easier to get through those hard times. You ARE beautiful. And not just on the outside. Your beauty shines from deep, deep inside your heart. Don’t try to convince the world of this inherent truth by conforming to their idea of beauty. There’s nothing wrong with being known for you being you. God made you to live for His glory anyways. Not for man’s approval. Be confident in your gifts. Don’t let fear keep you captive in silent defeat by not even trying to walk out your purpose. Not everyone will like you. That’s ok. I like you. God loves you. Tomorrow is gonna be great if you remember this.

Love Your Future Self,


NaBloPoMo November 2015

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