A Love Revolution

Psalm 119:32 – “I will run the course of Your commandments, for You shall enlarge my heart.”


When I think of having my heart enlarged, I think of the Grinch off of Dr. Seuss’s “How the Grinch Stole Christmas.”

Remember the ending when he realizes that all the toys he stole from the Who’s down in Whoville should be returned? When he realizes that the little Who’s care more about each other than they do the gifts? And his heart grows three sizes that day? Yeah, it’s my favorite scene.

I was thinking about this Christmas classic and I realized that the above verse directly relates to the movie. David is saying in Psalms that he will do what God commands with fervor and passion. He is saying that he loves God’s word so much that he’s not just going to obey, but he’s going to lovingly obey.

But, the key to his following God’s commands with such excitement is in the second part of that verse: “For You will enlarge my heart.”

In order for David to pursue Christ’s law, he has to have a larger heart.

Why did the Grinch decide to give the things back to the Who’s? Because God enlarged his heart with love for them. And not just a little bit of love. A whole lotta love.

Did the Grinch initially have the heart to love them this way? No.

Do I typically want to love others (especially people I don’t understand)? No.

But God commands us to love. It’s not just a passing sentiment that He hopes we’ll grab onto. For the greatest commandment is, after all, to love.

Now, I know our lives are a bit more complicated than the Grinch’s. I mean, we’ve got bills and doctor visits and cranky coworkers and kids that spill hot cocoa on the couch. (That last one may or may not have just happened at my house.)

But, I don’t see a disclaimer or escape clause in David’s words. For goodness sake, he had a ton of responsibility too. He did have a kingdom to run!

No, I think David was at a place in his story when he realized that this life thing is WAY better if we’re doing it according to God’s law of love.

I feel like I am at that same place in my story as well. Being a lover of God’s word only comes after I allow Him to grow my heart to an abnormally large size.

His love in me is the only thing I need to be a passionate pursuer of the truth.

His love in me is the only thing I need to help others realize that they are also loved.

A Bigger Heart = A Love Revolution.

NaBloPoMo November 2015